Exploring the World of Mini Perfumes: Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Sets
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Exploring the World of Mini Perfumes: Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Sets

I have been embarking on a fragrance journey and obsessed with the tiny world of mini perfumes for the past two months. The allure of these petite bottles is simply irresistible, prompting me to share my modest collection on TikTok and Instagram. As the interest from you all grew, many of you expressed a keen desire to learn the secrets of acquiring these adorable miniatures and starting your own cute collection. Here are some of my tips and I even saved the best for last!

Discovering Limited Edition Sets:

This now sold out set was found at Macy’s. However, fear not if you missed out, as similar treasures await you elsewhere. Consider Sephora for a similar Versace set, or Ulta for the miniature bottles of the cute Billie Eilish fragrances.

Opt for hidden treasures on resell sites:

Resell platforms like Poshmark & Mercari offer a unique avenue for miniature fragrance enthusiasts. These platforms connect buyers with sellers and make it easy to find discontinued or rare miniature perfumes that might be challenging to acquire elsewhere like this Gucci set.

Unlocking the World of Freebies:

In the realm of mini perfumes, the joy of receiving freebies is an added delight. My Dior minis were complimentary gifts accompanying my online purchases. Dior allows you to choose a free miniature with every $100 purchase, and to sweeten the deal, they provide promo codes for additional surprises.

Strategic Online Shopping for Individual Bottles:

If you have specific bottles in mind or prefer a slower, more curated approach to building your collection, FragranceNet emerges as a valuable ally. Explore their offerings to find unique and sought-after bottles that resonate with your personal style and preferences.

To streamline your mini perfume exploration, I’ve curated a list of my personal favourites with direct links on my LIKEtoKNOW.it (LTK) page. This not only simplifies your shopping experience but also allows you to obtain the bottles that have won my heart.

Embarking on the enchanting journey of collecting mini perfumes has transformed my fragrance world. Whether you’re drawn to limited edition sets, enticed by the allure of freebies, or prefer the curated approach of individual bottles, the world of mini perfumes offers variety of options to suit every taste. So, take a moment to explore, discover new scents, and relish in the joy of building your own miniature olfactory wonderland.

Happy collecting!