Dior Promo Code – July 2024
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Dior Promo Code – July 2024

Guess what? It is my birthday month! Did I make it pretty obvious with the cover photo? Then I did my job lol.

Can’t wait to get all my birthday gifts and offers from my favourite brands.

On July 1, 2024, all these codes have been tested and are valid with the current gifts as shown.

Click on ‘Use Code’ to take you directly to the Dior Beauty site.

In order to use these codes, you must be logged into your US Dior beauty account.

Purchase Value $100+

Use code PRESTIGE24 for these prestige samples. 

Use code JADORE24 for j’adore freebies. 

Use code PRIVEE24 for 3 Dior Privee perfume samples.

Use code MDIOR24 for Miss Dior freebies. 

Use code SAUVAGE24 for sauvage freebies. 

Use code DHOMME24 for Dior Homme samples. 

Use code FOUNDATION24 for these samples.

Use code WELCOMEYOU24 for Dior Prestige eye cream sample. 

Purchase Value $125+

Use code TARA24 for drawstring pouch, miniature Miss Dior parfum, Dior prestige eye cream & sample of hyalushot.

Use code MYCART for a miniature Blooming Bouquet Parfum & Blooming bouquet discovery set.

Use code DIORBLOOM for a miniature Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet in a collector’s packaging and lip maximizer.

Use code DIORLUXE for Miss Dior Blooming discovery set.

Use code LOVEROUGE24 for Rouge Dior ‘Around the world’ set.

Use code MISSYOU24 for 2 Rouge lipsticks.

Purchase Value $135+

Use code FOURTH24 for Dior summer pouch.

Purchase Value $150+

Use code BEAUTYMOON for Miss Dior discovery set and Rouge Dior mirror.

Use code JOIN24 for this drawstring pouch and capture totale miniatures.

Use code PRIVEELOVE for 3 Miniature Privee perfumes.

Use code LCPCART24 for 3 Miniature Privee perfumes.

Use code DIORREFILL for a Miniature Miss Dior, 999 lipstick & Capture totale.

Use code DIORCART for Dior pouch, deluxe lip maximizer & eyelash primer.

Use code DIORPRESTIGE for deluxe prestige samples. 

Use code INCART for 2 deluxe lipsticks.

Purchase Value $175+

Use code SUMMERDIOR for Dior summer pouch, miniature Dioriviera & Gris Dior

Use code BARRIER48 for a white drawstring pouch and capture totale miniatures.

Use code 4thDIOR for a denim makeup pouch set.

Purchase Value $200+

Use code BARRIER24 for a pouch, playing cards and capture totale le serum.

(Sold out) Use code YOURFOREVER48 for Capture Totale care set & Care prestige pouch.

Use code REDISCOVER24 for all these freebies.

Purchase Value $250+

Use code ASPEN24 for prestige ritual set.

Purchase Value $270

Use code LCPMOON with the purchase of ‘The Perfumer’s set’ for these freebies.

Purchase Value $300+

Use code ASPEN48 for full sized skincare including face towel and pouch.

Use code ICON24 for all these items.

Purchase Value $400+

(Sold out) Use code YOURFOREVER24  for this On-Off care set.

Purchase Value $1000+

Use code PRESTIGEBEAUTY  for this prestige Vanity case set.

I am available to answer any of your questions via any of my social media accounts or directly through this contact form.