Dior Promo Code – December 2023
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Dior Promo Code – December 2023

Hi Beauties! Happy Christmas Month! So many new holiday drops. 

The holiday packaging is now available with most Dior Beauty orders(while supplies last). 

As of December 1, 2023, these Dior promo codes are active with the gifts & mininum purchase amounts listed down below.

In order to use these codes, you must be logged into your US Dior beauty account.

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Purchase Value $50+

Use code OURTREAT23 for a miniature Diorsnow essence lotion.

Use code WELCOMEYOU for a black Dior Pouch.

Purchase Value $100+

Use code CHEER23 for Miss Dior blooming bouquet discovery

Use code ADOREYOU for J’adore L’Or set and 2 J’adore miniature. 

Use code TOTALE23 for Ambre Nuit and Gris Dior Body Cream,

Use code CAPTURE23 for Capture totale samples.

Use code DHOMME23 for Deluxe Dior Homme & 2ml perfume.

Use code JADORE23 for Deluxe J’adore Parfum D’eau.

Use code SAUVAGE23 for 3 sauvage perfume samples.

Use code MDIOR23 for Miss Dior Samples.

Purchase Value $125+

Use code GIFT23 for pouch and 2ml Ambre Nuit fragrance.

Use code DIORREFILL for a Miniature Miss Dior, 999 lipstick & Capture totale.

Use code LOVEDIOR23 for a Dior Backstage pouch and deluxe lip maximizer.

Purchase Value $150+

Use code HOLMOON23 for cleanser set & Miss Dior Blooming discovery set

Use code ANDRE23 for capture totale set.

Use code FINALLOOK48 for these deluxe items.

Use code DIORPRESTIGE for deluxe prestige samples. 

Use code JOIN23 for Dior phone charm. 

Use code DIORCART for Dior pouch, deluxe lip maximizer & eyelash primer.

Use code SBEANS23 for a makeup pouch and mini J’adore D’eau.

Use code LCPCART for a deluxe samples of Ambre Nuit, Oud Ispahan & Dioriviera.

Use code INCART for 2 deluxe lipsticks.

Purchase Value $200+

Use code BEAUTYLOVER for skincare, fragrance & makeup samples & black flat pouch. 

Use code LUXEGIFT23 for a makeup pouch, fragrance & skincare samples.

Purchase Value $250+

Use code COUNTDOWN23 for Dior prestige set.

Use code REDISCOVER23 for a makeup pouch, fragrance, makeup & skincare samples.

Purchase Value $300+
Use code ICON23 for these gifts. 

Purchase Value $500+

it’s back!

Use code FINALLOOK23 trunk case with silk eye mask, scrunchie and cotton pad magnetic case.

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