Dior Beauty Promo Codes – May 2023
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Dior Beauty Promo Codes – May 2023

How is it already May? Is it just me or this year is moving by so fast?

As of May 1, 2023, these promo codes are active with the gifts & mininum purchase amounts listed down below.

In order to use some of these codes, you must be logged into your Dior beauty account.

Purchase Value $50+

Use code WELCOMEYOU for an empty White Dior Pouch (currently unavailable).

Purchase Value $75+

Use code MISSYOU23 for a Dior makeup pouch, Dior rouge 999 Matte lipstick & Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara (currently unavailable)..

Purchase Value $100+

Use code DIORBEAUTY23 for a Dior Generic Pocket Mirror

Use code NEWMEMBER23 for deluxe sauvage sample set (currently unavailable)..

Use code JOIN23 for a Dior gold phone charm.

Use code TOTALE23 for Ambre Nuit and Gris Dior Body Cream,

Use code CAPTURE23 for Capture totale samples.

Use code DHOMME23 for Deluxe Dior Homme & 2ml perfume.

Use code JADORE23 for Deluxe J’adore Parfum D’eau.

Use code INCART for 2 deluxe lipsticks (currently unavailable)..

Use code SAUVAGE23 for 3 sauvage perfume samples.

Use code MDIOR23 for 2 Miss Dior Samples.

Purchase Value $125+

Use code WELCOME23 for a flat makeup pouch.

Use code TARA23 for Dior La Mousse Foaming cleanser and Gris Dior Body Cream (currently unavailable)..

Use code LOVEDIOR23 for a Dior Backstage pouch and deluxe lip maximizer.

Purchase Value $150+

Use code SOLAR2023 for a Dior trapezium makeup pouch, Micellar Water and La Mousse Foaming cleanser (sold out).

Use code LCPCART for a deluxe samples of Spice Blend and Holy Peony perfume.

Mother’s Day exclusive: Use code MOMDY23 for a sample of Gris Dior Body Cream.

Purchase Value $500+

Use code PRESTIGE23 for a Dior mirrored trunk case with silk eye mask, scrunchie and cotton pad magnetic case.

FYI: This code keeps going out and back. Keep an eye out for it because it is worth it!

(I can not tell you when this promo code will be back in stock).

Watch a quick unboxing on my Youtube Channel.

Keep in mind that most times these promo codes might still be active through out the month but go in and out of stock.