Dior Beauty Promo Codes – April 2023 
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Dior Beauty Promo Codes – April 2023 

Happy April Fools!!!

One thing that isn’t a joke are these promo codes.

As of April 1, 2023, these promo codes are active with the gifts & mininum purchase amounts listed down below.

In order to use some of these codes, you must be logged into your Dior beauty account.

Purchase Value $50+

Use code WELCOMEYOU for an empty White Dior Pouch

Purchase Value $75+

Use code MISSYOU23 for a Dior makeup pouch, Dior rouge 999 Matte lipstick & Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara

Purchase Value $100+

Use code DIORBEAUTY23 for a Dior Generic Pocket Mirror

Use code NEWMEMBER23 for deluxe sauvage sample set.

Use code JOIN23 for a Dior gold phone charm.

Use code TOTALE23 for Ambre Nuit and Gris Dior Body Cream,

Use code CAPTURE23 for Capture totale samples.

Use code DHOMME23 for Deluxe Dior Homme & 2ml perfume.

Use code JADORE23 for Deluxe J’adore Parfum D’eau.

Use code INCART for 2 deluxe lipsticks

Use code SAUVAGE23 for 3 sauvage perfume samples.

Use code MDIOR23 for 2 Miss Dior Samples.

Purchase Value $125+

Use code WELCOME23 for a flat makeup pouch.

Use code TARA23 for Lucky money envelope and miniature J’adore d’eau.

Use code LOVEDIOR23 for a Dior Backstage pouch and deluxe lip maximizer.

Purchase Value $150+

Use code CAPTUREYOUTH23 for a Makeup Tri Axes Piano. (SOLD OUT)

Use code DIORSNOW48 for a makeup pouch, capture totale le serum & capture totale cream sample.

Purchase Value $500+

Use code PRESTIGE23 for a Dior mirrored trunk case with silk eye mask, scrunchie and cotton pad magnetic case.

FYI: This code keeps going out and back. Keep an eye out for it because it is worth it!

Watch a quick unboxing on my Youtube Channel.

Keep in mind that most times these promo codes might still be active through out the month but go in and out of stock.